Stacey Furgason

Nutrition Coach

About Stacey

After too many years of eating too little, over exercising and being more concerned about what I looked like versus how I felt, I made the choice to get help to get on a path of living a healthier and happier lifestyle. This path to heal myself from years of eating disorders, disordered eating and not honoring my body has evolved into a passion to help others find the balance and peace that I have found.

I began working with a nutrition coach and it completely changed my perspective. I knew I needed to change my habits and my mindset. It took patience and grace to be gentle with myself and not take the shortcuts or give up or fall back on old habits and misconceptions. The biggest hurdle was getting over the misconception that I had to eat 1,200 calories and do hours of cardio every week to be fit. I am surrounded by so many others that have the same beliefs that I once had.
Going through my own journey,

I got more and more curious about nutrition and started educating myself. I paired this with my desire to debunk the fad diets for my own knowledge and I signed up to become certified in personal training and nutrition. Going through the curriculum sparked my passion to help others.

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