Nick Krantz

Nutrition Coach

About Nick

A dedicated father, husband, to three boys (15, 5 & 3) and a fitness and nutrition coach with a passion for transforming lives. My journey began as a scrawny 15yr old skater, weighing a mere 147lbs.

Was talked into playing high school football and my competitive spirit was forged on the high school football field, where I learned the value of being bigger, faster, stronger and the definition of hard work. Over three years, I gained 50lbs of mass, changing my world and boosting my confidence. This drive carried me into college, earning several D1 football scholarships.

However, my journey took a turn in 2011 when I suffered my first traumatic brain injury while playing collegiate football. This led me to discover my true calling – coaching.

I began as an assistant strength coach and linebackers coach, eventually transitioning into the gym where I trained high school and collegiate athletes and men and women of all ages.

From 2015-2019 I trained athletes, ages ranging from 8-20 focusing on athletic development, strength and performance for all sports.

In 2019, I took my training business online, but I suffered a second traumatic brain injury later that year. This setback led me down a path of holistic healing and sparked an interest in understanding the workings of the brain to aid my own recovery.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology and am certified in CSCS, ISSA Nutrition, Precision Nutrition 1 & 2, NCI Level 1 & 2, NCI Mindset Specialist, NCI Gut Health, NCI Brain Health, and Amen Clinic Brain Health Certification. My diverse background and personal experiences have shaped my holistic approach to fitness and nutrition.

I believe that a fitness journey is more than just a number on the scale or counting macros. My mission is to guide clients on a journey that fortifies their mind, body, and spirit, elevating their life along the way. I aim to help my clients grow both inside and out, transforming not just their physique, but also their mindset and spirit, boosting their confidence to new heights for lifelong success.

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