Ray King

Nutrition Coach

About Ray

My story begins on a small Idaho farm, where I learned the enduring values of hard work, resilience, and delayed gratification from the crack of dawn until nightfall.

Working hard on the farm and growing up playing Football and Baseball I understood the basic reasons regarding why it is important to stay healthy. I watched my 90-year-old Great-Grandfather from a young age be able to work harder than me all day and I realized then why it is important to stay healthy and keep working.

Through my 20s and 30s I found myself on a roller coaster of fat gain and loss, coupled with healthy and unhealthy habits. About 7 years ago I finally learned how easy it is to stay on track with my nutrition, be consistent in the gym, look and feel great, and at the same time enjoy good food and good company.

I have done my time as a competitive bodybuilder, and I understand the dedication it takes to stick to a goal and see it through. I became certified as a PN1 Nutrition Coach as well as certified as a Personal Trainer during my journey.

Come along with me, let me show you the potential you have that we can unlock together and crush those goals you’ve always dreamed of!

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