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Chelsey Bird

Nutrition Coach

About Chelsey

I’ve experienced firsthand the power that education and application of nutrition can have.  As a young girl, all I wanted was to be skinny.  I took fat burners and attempted every diet and product that promised me a 30 day body transformation.  Surprise surprise…nothing worked.  I spent the majority of my teenage years battling my body.  Binging, purging, starving, over exercising and striving for fitness with quick fix attempts.  In 2014, I signed up to compete in an NPC bikini show. Through the process of preparing and competing, I began to learn about the importance of proper nutrition, workouts, rest and the power of having a strong mindset.  I also learned that true confidence and happiness has nothing to do with how good I look in a bikini.  My introduction into the fitness world was challenging; and unfortunately, my story is far too relatable in today’s society.  That is what inspires me every day.  My goal is to help others heal their relationship with food, ditch the diet cycle for good and thrive in life, one meal at a time.  I’ve learned that it’s all about finding joy in the journey and recognizing that every day is a new opportunity to keep growing towards the best version of YOU!

In the past few years, my passion for fitness and nutrition has led me to become certified with Precision Nutrition and The Nutrition Coaching Institute.  I love to learn and am always working to continue my education.  I am excited to share my knowledge and experience with others and assist them in feeling their best and creating their healthiest, happiest life.
Some of my other passions are traveling, hiking, snowboarding, reading, dancing, working with service projects, and trying out as many new activities as possible to stay active and really life live to the fullest!

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