Parker Kuehn

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Parker Kuehn

Nutrition Coach

About Parker

I was first introduced to fitness at the age of 15. I instantly fell in love with it and I was hooked! I loved having the ability to change how I looked and felt daily, and I loved that I was in control of the work, and in control of my body! My passion for fitness continued through my teen years and into my 20’s. During my 20’s however, I was brought to my knees in the throws of addiction! I had let my life and health succumb to a deadly disease! I had reached the ultimate breaking point! I couldn’t go on living life that way! – After long hard struggles and countless attempts to get sober I finally landed in the right spot! I found myself in a treatment center that valued daily workouts, nutrition, and physical activity! Having let my life get so far out of control, I had also let my fitness and nutrition completely deteriorate, I looked and felt hopeless and completely demoralized! I was at my absolute worst! I had forgotten how much I loved fitness and how much it meant to me! I was reintroduced to one of my first loves and it saved my life! I am forever indebted to fitness and nutrition, I could not have overcome the worst portion of my life without it! Fitness and nutrition not only saved my life, but continues to change my life in the most positive ways!

I believe that my past struggles and experience allow me to connect with my clients, as I can deeply relate to feeling hopeless, stuck, and not knowing where to go or what to do next! Since getting sober in 2014 it has been my dream to work with as many people as possible in order to create wellness and provide the missing pieces that make their lives better! My dream came true! I became a coach at Key Nutrition where I was able to fully embrace my love of fitness and nutrition and make it my life’s work! The positive changes in all aspects of my life are immeasurable as a direct result of fitness and nutrition! The biggest positives are being a husband and a girl Dad with 2 ridiculous 4 legged kids too, loving every minute of it, and loving every minute of working with each client, and finding those moments that make the biggest forever changes!

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