Today, we had the pleasure of having Noah Kingery in studio! We discussed how to win over the Holidays! Here is a few of the bullet points we discussed:

1. Too many people are waiting for the perfect time… Like the New Year! Start now!
2. Sick and tired- how many times do you want to be that New Years resolutioner
3. Approaching Christmas and New Year’s Eve-methods and tips
4. Set the tone for 2020.
5. Intermittent fasting
6. Not allowing 1 hour of poor choice to turn to 24
7. Build discipline through the holiday parties and food choices
8. being a slave to tupper ware/fearful of eating out (know your menus/preplanning)
9. Break gym fear now
10. Grief eating/drinking (identifying emotional hunger vs physical hunger)
11. Unrealistic expectations will overwhelm you/if you don’t meet those expectations… Most people just give up.
12. Prioritize your goals- you cannot work on everything at the same time
13. Make your rewards for reaching goals non-food based
14. Have accountability partners… Vital for success
15. Begin to reflect on your “Why?”


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