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In addition to being a PN1 Certified nutrition and exercise coach, I am also a licensed high school history and English teacher. I even coach high school varsity track and field. I live with my wife and two step-daughters along with Max, our lapdog. Currently I train five days a week with my wife using a functional fitness or functional bodybuilding format. My two rest days usually consist of some mountain biking local trails as well as longer walks outside to connect with nature. That is, unless there’s manual labor needing to be done, aka “house projects”.

I have been an athlete since fifth grade when I began running cross country and track and field. I ran the mile and the half mile predominantly. When college ended and my career began, I had a strong urge to redirect my athletic pursuits into weightlifting. For a host of reasons that I can share later, I instantly was fulfilled and challenged in new ways athletically. For the past twenty years, I have tried my hand at strongman training and competing, powerlifting, bodybuilding and hypertrophy, and functional fitness or functional bodybuilding.

For seventeen of the past twenty years of weightlifting, I was not satisfied with the aesthetics of my body, and I held onto hope that one day my body will just fall in line with my hard work with training and look like the other models in the magazines.

Three years ago, I couldn’t get any lower with my feelings of being let down and frustrated by the appearance of my body. So I sought out nutrition coaches. My mindset completely changed. I submitted to a lot of changes in my lifestyle and habits over time. I made a few sacrifices and substitutions. However, within two weeks, my body started to change. Nutrition was the puzzle piece I’d been missing!

Customizing my nutrition has improved my mind, my sleep, my mobility, and my relationships. I am now firing on all cylinders. And I want this for you. I can help you if you are ready, willing, and able to seek help, hire a coach, and allow the transformation to take place.

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