On today’s show, I discussed coming up with your 5 rules/guidelines for your dieting and or health and fitness journey.I have been challenging my clients this week to really think about this exact concept. What are your 5 rules/guidelines for dieting? This isn’t something you wing in two seconds; I would challenge you to really ponder on this. What will make you the most successful in your dieting journey or, really, your health and fitness journey in general? These can be a mix of balance and discipline. These can be anything from nutrition to fitness to anything emotional, mental, or spiritual, if that is imperative to success in your journey. This is not what will make you lose the fastest; it’s what will help you be the most efficient and effective. When you start to establish this set of personal rules, you can begin to take personal accountability for them because hell, YOU made them up. I hope you take action on this and enjoy the episode.


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