On today’s show, I was joined by a very special guest to discuss my almost relapse in Mexico after nearly nine years of sobriety and what led up to this. I have been very public about my past and subsequent sobriety, so it only felt appropriate to show my struggles. Jen Coles joined me on this episode to discuss the whole event as she was there for it all, and her insight into the behaviors leading up to almost slip was very insightful. It was fun to podcast with my girlfriend and give you all a small glimpse into our world and the world of addiction and recovery. This goes for anything in your life you might have slipped up on and gotten complacent. It will always come back to bite if you rest on those laurels and slip back into bad habits. We hope this podcast does nothing but get you back to your own personal self-development habits and inspires hope. Thank you for all the love and support. Enjoy the show!


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