On today’s show, I was joined by Twin Cities Kettlebell Club founder Jordan Wright. Jordan is a master in all things kettlebells, and quite frankly, this is a topic we have not yet covered on the show, so I knew just the man to reach out to. Jordan schools us on what kettlebells are, everyday uses for the general population, and some tips and tricks on starting if you are brand new to kettlebells.

Jordan’s Bio

Jordan Kunde-Wright, founder & head coach Twin Cities Kettlebell Club, father of 2, and entrepreneur. I was a chubby kid growing up and a lifelong athlete & choir nerd going on to be a 2 sport athlete in college (football/track & field) and singing in choir all 4 years as well. After I got injured and couldn’t compete anymore, I lost half my identity, spiraling into depression and a LOT of fat gains, topping out somewhere around 370#. When I finally got my act together, I dropped over 100# in about 18 months (60 in 6 and then another 12 to net out the next 40#). I have kept it off for over a decade now, primarily due to my passion for kettlebell training and nutrition. My mission is to help others build sustainable healthy lifestyles, and my vision is to bring kettlebell training to the mainstream in America.


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