On today’s episode, I was joined my friend and client, Natalie Clay. Natalie is a certified life coach through a life coaching school that works mainly with married couples. We talked a lot about how to make health goals that work within a marriage as well as a ton on mindset around food, fitness and life.


A little more about Natalie:

Natalie specializes in Couples Coaching and has coached hundreds of people  to rediscover enjoyment and connection in their relationship. After living and working in New York City for almost 15-years, Natalie moved to Salt Lake City where she lives with her husband and 5 kids. Natalie is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and understands that many people don’t view divorce as an easy decision. At the same time, Natalie doesn’t believe that all marriages should last. Ultimately, Natalie believes this decision is one that only the individuals involved in the marriage should make for themselves.  Natalie loves the people she works with and strives to bring peace and clarity to whatever decision they decide to make.


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