On today’s episode, Michelle and I discussed how to set your own macros for fat loss specifically.

You need to know this, it’s super individualized and so hiring a coach becomes super invaluable.

But not everyone can afford that, and that’s totally understandable.

Please know this before going into this:

It takes patience, even when working with a coach to figure out what works the best for your body.

Doing it alone takes a ton of patience.

So now that we have established you have to be patient AF with this, lets jump in:

Step 1 – First go to www.bmrcalculator.org (or any site that is similar)

This is to establish a rough baseline of your BMR (basil metabolic rate) which is essentially how many calories you burn just being you.

Fill out the stat questions.

It will spit out a number. Then take your activity level or your TDEE , total daily energy expenditure, based off the chart on the site. Don’t stress, it’s  super self explanatory once are you in.

Step 2 – Now take that number and take 300-400 calories off of that. (or anywhere from 10-20% off of that number)

This is your calorie deficit.

Step 3 – After calories are set, the most important macro to set first is protein intake. That number is .7-1.25g per pound of body weight. So, if you weigh 150 you would need anywhere from 120grams – 150grams.

Then try to evenly distribute carbs and fats. Remember, carbs carry 4 calories per gram and fats carry 9.

Starting percentages could look something like this: Calories and Protein will be THE most important parts of this)

40% carbs 30% protein 30% fat.

I know that’s a LOT to digest but please go TRY and do the steps, and DM me any questions you have.

You got this!


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