On today’s episode, Michelle and I aimed to shed a little humor on your life! We talked about the craziest home workout videos that we have seen circulating the internet! That led into us talking about the craziest fitness/diet trends of all time! Some of that list included the following:


Shake weight – In 2009 a 2.5 lb piece of plastic shit made it’s way to the market. The infomercial went viral and cashed in OVER 40 MILLION bucks in sales. As I typed that I dry heaved in my mouth a little.


Shape ups – Apparently sketchers was lying when they made claims that their shoes would help people lose weight, and strengthen and tone their glutes, legs and ab’s. 40 million dollar lawsuit settlement later we found out that is not after all how Kim K got her booty. Lies, it was all lies.


HCG diet –  Remember when there was a clinic on every block a decade ago? 500 calories sounds like a snack to me, but was unfortunately the whole days worth of eating. The amount of metabolism that were put to rest during this phase is actually something that upsets me more than anything else on this list. So glad this shit is a thing of the past.


Gazelle Glider – This thing literally had almost zero resistance. You just swing around like an idiot for 2 easy payments of 149.99. The only thing that I do miss about seeing this ad was Tony Little’s hair. That shit was sick. Get a tramp or a swing set instead. At least your kids can enjoy it too.


Slim Fast – The biggest gangster of them all. Essentially was just flavored milk. Replace a meal with one of those and of course you might lost weight. LOL the fact these still sell a lot is the greatest arbitrage of all time.


The Neck Slimmer – If you don’t know what this is, stop reading, and google it. And the videos associated with it. I cant stop laughing that this was a thing. Looks the blowjob Olympics to me. Sorry, there is just no other way to put that.


Total Gym – This is the most functional out of all this BS, but still non the less, BS. Him and Suzanne summers made a KILLING off a bunch of people getting tricked into doing palates. Mad respect for Chuck Norris though, mostly because of the old “Chuck Norris” jokes.


The Cabbage Soup Diet – The cabbage soup diet is the original gangster of fad diet. For 7 days you eat nothing but homemade cabbage soup for every meal. You you get one piece of fruit a day. On day 5 u get a “small” serving of beef.


Hope you all enjoy the episode and remember to still laugh during these crazy times! Love you all!


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