Are you ready for Key Nutrition’s 6-week Transformation Challenge? Starting August 15th, clients will be competing amongst each other over a 6-week period. Up to $500 in prizes will be awarded to the overall winner at the end of the challenge. Participants can sign up by calling our main office (385) 722-2940, through their current nutritionist or by emailing us using the form below.

Competition Prizes – $500 Value!

The winner of the challenge will receive:

  • Their money back – $360

  • Key Nutrition Swag Basket

  • $50 in Key Cash

Starting/Finishing the Challenge

The challenge officially starts August 15th, however you have until August 30th to enroll and start your program. The date of your first meeting with a consultant marks the start of the challenge. You must have your first meeting with your consultant between August 15th and August 30th to be considered for the 6-week challenge. Some exceptions may apply, please contact your consultant if you need special arrangements.

Your sixth and final appointment must be no later than 6-weeks from the date you started the challenge. Appointments scheduled past this date will not be considered towards the challenge.

Competing Details

Each week for the duration of the challenge, you will meet with your consultant. They will analyze your body composition and award points for positive progress. You must meet with your consultant each week. Failure to meet with your consultant will result in forfeiting that weeks points. The individual with the most points at the end of the challenge will be announced the winner. We will only announce one winner.

Points will be awarded each week for:

  • Fat loss – 2 points per percentage
  • Muscle gain – 1 point per lb
  • Attendance – 2 points per visit

The goal is to lose as much body fat while maintaining muscle mass. While scale weight is a factor, it is vital that we track body fat loss with lean muscle mass maintenance or gains. The result is a healthier body composition and a happier challenger.

Entering the Challenge

This challenge is open to past, current, and future clients. All participants must be enrolled in a 6-week program. Clients that are currently enrolled in a program may participate as long as their program spans the entire duration of the challenge. Existing clients may purchase additional weeks to participate if necessary.

6-week program: $360

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