On today’s episode I had the pleasure of interviewing Tanner Mertlich, owner and founder of The Muscle Bus. We had a really solid conversation around all things health and fitness. A very well versed interview that I know all of you are going to enjoy.


Here’s a little more about tanner:

Hello! I’m Tanner Mertlich, BM, CPT-CE and FNS, owner, operator and head online coach of The Muscle Bus.

I’ve been involved in health and fitness for most my life. I’ve always had a burning passion for health and fitness, but also proper life balance. Because of this, I manage stress very well, I feel incredible and I’m full of energy!

I personally believe health and fitness is an essential fuel for the body, mind and soul. Without it, we simply don’t experience life to its fullest.

My goal is primarily to help other people experience life to its fullest through proper diet, exercise and lifestyle balance.



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