On today’s episode we had the pleasure of interviewing our good friend Mike Millner. He is the owner and operator of Peak Optimization Performance. Mike specializes in Neurotype training. He is beyond passionate about it and you will 100% walk away from this episode with your mind blown.


What is Neurotype training you might ask?

The most important element for any training and nutrition plan is client buy-in and adherence. By matching your training to your personality you will:

  • Train harder, stay focused and motivated
  • Recover more efficiently from training
  • Have less of a stress response from training by working with your natural brain chemistry
  • Progress optimally and maximize your results


The 4 Pillars of Neurotype Training

Purpose – Training ADD is an issue. Everyone wants to chase the shiny new toy. We know that program hopping doesn’t yield results yet so many people are still doing it. It’s because you haven’t been working with your brain chemistry and psychological make up to find the training that best fits your personality. Neurotype training breeds purpose and commitment.

Progression – Most training programs either progress too aggressively, too slowly, or not at all. By understanding your Neurtotype, we’re able to progress optimally. Training WITH your nature allows for less chronic stress and greater adaptation. This also yields more of a buy in and long term consistency.

Perception – Every stage of growth starts with awareness. Knowing how you’re wired and why you respond in certain ways to certain situations creates an understanding. With that understanding comes the ability to evolve in your training and in life.

Potential – What are you capable of? You haven’t truly unlocked your potential until you start training based on your neurological profile (click here for sample workouts). Discover what potentiates you. Connect to your muscles more. Find that strength that’s been waiting to be unleashed.



Someone’s personality is in large part related to his/her brain chemistry Neurotransmitters control essentially every bodily function. Whether it’s how you feel, regulating hormones, managing stress, it’s all controlled by neurotransmitters. Our bodies receive those messages from the brain and prepare us for what’s expected (this includes perceived stress as well as real stress). This also impacts our immune system function which is vitally important since recovery from training is triggered by the immune system. Therefore, training against your nature causes a greater stress response and compromises the neurotransmitter balance which directly impacts the immune system and your ability to recover. Have you ever felt like no matter how much work you’re doing you just can’t make any progress?

Enjoy the episode!

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