I was joined by my friend Sean McDevitt aka The Fitness Shaman. We discussed everything from meditation , to mindset to 5 ways to get a mental detox.


Here is Sean’s Bio – 

Born and raised in Los Angeles, I’ve called Austin home since my junior year of high school. I moved to the capitol of Texas to swim competitively for what was at the time the best club swimming team in the country, so you could say fitness was a priority of mine from an early age! I was recruited by the University of Georgia Men’s Swimming Team, where I swam under the tutelage of multi-Olympiad swim coaches, as well as strength and conditioning coaches who would later go on to win Women’s National Basketball Championships at Baylor University. I soaked up as much knowledge about strength, conditioning, and fitness in general as I could during my time at Georgia (swimming pun intended).

Post-college I still found myself gravitating towards helping people improve their fitness in my spare time. Health and fitness had become so ingrained in my life that I was fortunate enough to notice a woman in the gym doing exercises I wasn’t familiar with, and of course asked her about those exercises (when she was done with her workout, of course!). That woman was Dala.

In 2016 Dala started a fitness Instagram to share her fitness transformation with others and I got a front row seat as she built a following and eventually online personal training, dubbed #DLDNation by her budding community. In 2018, #DLDNation had grown so much, we realized that to help as many people become healthy and fit as possible, we’d have to team up. We quit our day jobs to do just that.

I LOVE helping people succeed and discovering their FULL potential, which I am grateful to do every day here at #DLDNation. Come join our team so we can help you change your life, just as we’ve changed our lives and those of our clients and community!


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