On today’s episode, I was joined by my friend Courtney USTRZYCKI, also known as CourtneyForLife on Instagram and every platform out there. We had a great conversation about her unique cross over between bikini shows and powerlifting. We also talked about what having influence truly means, flexible dieting, coaching, and how to travel but stick to your plan. She is a wealth of knowledge that is worth the listen.


Courtney’s Bio

Successfully coaching clients online since 2015, Courtney promotes a healthy lifestyle beyond just food and fitness. As a woman who has a history of mental health issues and mild eating disorders, she has turned these weaknesses into strengths, and uses them to teach others how to thrive in their own journeys.

Whether it’s the barbell or with nutrition, Courtney approaches her opportunities and challenges head-on and with purpose. Courtney educates her athletes with science-backed research from formal education and certifications, workshops and seminars from industry leaders, and from her own personal experiences. She has created a community of athletes who have learned to fuel their body with quality nutrition and supplementation, and shape their physique through strength training. She focuses on teaching women the empowerment of strength training and the importance of fueling the body with balanced nutrition.

Although she may not be the biggest or the strongest, she is confidently one of the most passionate, honest, and hard-working athletes in the industry.


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