On today’s show, we had a phenomenal conversation with the one and only, Samantha Skelly. If you have ever wondered what breath work is and how it can change your life, this is the show for you. We also went in to depth about being hungry for happiness, not just a number on the scale.


Sam’s Bio

I’m Sam – you’re probably here, thumb scrolling your little heart away wondering ‘wtf breathwork is’… or maybe you had breathwork experience and now you’re

in a deep rabbit hole searching

‘why do I feel high?’ all over the internet.

That was me a decade ago.

My first experience I became addicted

to getting high off my own supply 😉

Breathwork is the #1 most effective

modality for healing on the planet. And the best part? All you need is your breath…

If you’re reading this thinking ‘what kind of hippy sh*t is this?’ – you’re not alone, before I tried it, I too thought it was all hype.

Then I had an experience

that healed me in

ways I never knew

possible. And that’s

my wish for you





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