On today’s show I was joined by my new assistant coach, Allie Henrie. We discussed her move from a clinical setting to meal planning to now teaching macros.

Here’s a little more about Allie – 

My passion for fitness started at a young age, when I began swimming competitively. My entire adolescence was centered around my experience as an athlete, and I was fortunate enough to achieve a goal of mine to swim for a Division 1 university, Missouri State, after graduating high school. After quitting swimming and transferring schools I took a basic nutrition course to fill a general education credit. That was where my passion for nutrition began. Originally an interior design major, I switched to a dietetics major (against the advice of my counselor) and never looked back.

I graduated Utah State with a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, and a year later, after completing an internship in the greater Twin Cities area of Minnesota, I passed my RD exam. A couple years later I became a certified Personal Trainer.

When I became a mother, my perspective on nutrition and fitness took on a whole new shape. I recognized how important it was to take care of yourself for reasons beyond “looking good.” I learned that appreciating my body in all phases allowed me to achieve my goals in a more sustainable and positive way. I learned that you don’t have to hate yourself to lose or maintain weight loss.

From the day I decided I wanted to be a Dietitian, it has been my dream to meld my passion for nutrition and fitness together. Life experience has taught me how to do it in a way that feels realistic and sustainable. I have seen how the dual approach has been life changing for so many people, and I am honored to be trusted in the journey.


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