On today’s episode, I had my good friends Danny and Darci on the show. We talked a lot about Darci’s transition from an eating disorder to a calorie surplus and much more!


Danny and Darci’s Bio

We are Darci and Danny from D and D Fitness and Nutrition. We both share a passion for transforming people’s lives. Primarily because our lives have been completely transformed through fitness, nutrition and connection. We work with highly motivated individuals who are interested and committed in gaining a new relationship with food and a new sense of strength and empowerment through fitness.

Darci Collings is one of the founders of D&D Fitness and Nutrition. She is a Fitness and Nutrition Transformation Coach. Darci spent most of her life battling an eating disorder and an addiction to drugs and alcohol. She has spent the years since finding freedom in her own recovery coaching both men and women, and is passionate about guiding others in finding their own freedom and empowerment through fitness and nutrition.

Danny Shelton has spent most of his life feeling uncomfortable in his own skin and not feeling good enough which ultimately threw him into drug addiction and other self defeating behaviors. Health and fitness saved his life. Danny in his recovery has spent years training men and women and guiding them into their own journeys with nutrition and fitness. He is Strong First Certified and a Certified Nutrition Coach and a competitive power-lifter.

Our calling in life is to give our clients a new relationship with food and a new sense of strength and empowerment through fitness. We use certifications from Strong First and The Nutritional Coaching Institute (NCI) to help our clients accomplish their goals but more importantly we help each client on an individual basis building programs that are applicable in their daily lives. We believe that working on four aspects of health are essential for true transformation. Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. That along with amazing lifelong connections, is why we are in this industry.

D and D Fitness and Nutrition is here to help you love yourself and love your body!


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