On today’s show we talked about 3 hacks that we feel not enough people are talking about.


#1)Toxic relationships and people are devastating to a fitness transformation.

Not only just from a horrible emotional point of view, but wreck havoc on your physical body as well.

Most don’t realize how inflamed one gets when having these people in your life.

Stress hormones go through the roof.

The harmful wear and tear take a considerable toll on literally every cell of your body.


#2) We talked about gratitude.

When it comes to fat burners or any aesthetically driven supplements, people spend far too much money on this crap.

We talked about taking the money you would spend on a fat burner and buying a gratitude journal instead.

You want to really win the game?

Invest that money in bettering your soul and spirit.


#3) Last item was time blocking.

Time blocking is one of the most underused hacks to really hit your fitness goals. This habit will help you not only in your fitness, but your life.


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