On today’s episode, Michelle I talk about how to get back on track after a rough day or even a rough weekend.

The difference between the people who succeed long term in their fitness goals and the ones who don’t revolves around this very subject. Because we all go off the rails sometimes. We tried to give you some tactical tips as well as some insight on how to become one of these people.


Tips to getting back on track after a bad day of eating:

  • Leave the past in the past. Do a brain dump at night.
  • Reach out to a support person for accountability the next day.
  • Plan out your next day.
  • Drink a gallon of water.
  • Try to get enough sleep that night.
  • STOP telling yourself you “can’t get back on track” – Replace that with a positive mantra.
  • Avoid the scale for one day.
  • This takes PRACTICE. So keep trying, no matter what. We all sucked before it came with ease.


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