Today’s episode was an interview I actually did on my friend Sam Miller’s podcast, the Sam Miller Science podcast. I’m out for the week with the birth of my son, but I really think you will get some great value out of this episode.


Sam’s notes:

Champ’s dad, Brad Jensen, Owner of Key Nutrition and one of my closest friends, is on the podcast today not to discuss his story which he has on other shows and platforms but about perspective. Perspective is one of the defining traits of a great coach and Brad and I discuss all facets of it in this wide-ranging conversation. Topics include:



– Biggest Lessons Learned From Brad’s Life

– Routines and Helping Clients with Their Routines

– Brad’s Spirituality

– Personal Responsibility

– Expecting More from Clients

– Self-Commitments and Self-Awareness

– The Importance of an Aspirational Identity

– Baby Jensen and Fatherhood


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