On today’s episode, we were blessed to have the one and only Jody Moore back on the show!

Jody’s immense success in her career as life coach never seems to get to her head. She is one of the most down to earth, amazing human beings I have had the honor of meeting. We talk all things fear, coping, emotional eating and more!

Jody is a mother of 4 and a woman trying to figure out how to minimize resentment, overwhelm and guilt, and replace them with happiness, gratitude and joy.

Three years after getting married she found herself with two kids under age 2, a loving husband, and a lot of self-loathing. She struggled with the duties associated with being a mom and wife and then she felt guilty for feeling that way. After all, this was the life she thought she always wanted.

She has a BA in Communications and an MA in Adult Education along with 15 years of experience as a Corporate Trainer and Leadership Coach, but what has helped her the most to overcome her struggles and to conquer all of her goals, are the tools she use’s now to coach her clients. Thanks to her extensive training with Brooke Castillo of The Life Coach School, she is a Certified Life Coach, and she couldn’t be more proud of the work she get’s to do in the world.



Jody’s Podcast – Better Than Happy Podcast


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