In this episode, we discussed how being fit goes way beyond just physically fit.

People grossly underestimate how much your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual fitness all play together.

If you asked me after thousands of clients, why do so many not successfully hit their goals, I would boil it down to this.

They are not spiritually fit and they have emotional baggage. Trapped emotions that cause incredibly negative thought patterns and limiting self beliefs.

Being “Spiritually fit” can confuse a lot of people.

Think of this way: The act of nourishing your spirit.

What makes you come alive? What makes you feel joy? What makes you feel grateful? What gives you those “god shot” moments?

Whatever THAT is, we want you to do that!

We discussed ways to become more spiritually fit that you might not think of.

Find a person who is healthy, fit, does this as a lifestyle and is HAPPY… and I’ll show you someone who 9 times out of 10, is also spiritually fit.

Prioritize all 4 areas if you not only want to get and stay in shape but more importantly, find fulfillment and happiness in this healthy lifestyle journey.

We try to convey the message to stop viewing this as one dimensional.

You are worth so much more than just abs. You are worth making this a REAL change. You are worth being happy. You are worth having true fulfillment and joy in your life.

Balancing on an uneven chair every day sucks. No wonder the other legs fall out.

Start with the spirit, and watch the rest fall into place. Its a beautiful journey, my friends.

Enjoy the show!


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