She is a former CrossFit games athlete and owns SLC CrossFit here in Utah.

Cassidy told us about her journey to becoming a world record holder in powerlifting and to make it to the CrossFit games, which is the pinnacle of cross fit.

We explored her body image disorder and her vulnerability and honesty is something you will very much appreciate.

If you have ever not felt good enough, not skinny enough, not pretty enough, she has been right there with you.

Cassidy gives solutions on how to overcome such thoughts, what she currently does today and advise to all the women out there to be the best you!

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About Cassidy

My journey with health and fitness started at the young age of 5 when my mom enrolled me in gymnastics to get rid of some of my energy. I excelled in the sport and competed until I was 16 before I transitioned into more of a globo gym rat. I worked with personal trainers and participated in all sorts of group classes but didn’t find something I really loved until I stumbled upon CrossFit in 2012. From there, my gymnastics roots and competitive side found a whole new world and I fell in love! I worked my butt off and was able to qualify and compete at 6 CrossFit South Regionals as an individual and with a team and 2 years at the CrossFit Games with my team SLC Gold. During that time, I also dabbled in Olympic Weightlifting and became a National Champion in the 69kg weight class in 2014.

My fitness and health journey left me with a unique outlook on self image and I love helping women become empowered through their strength and strong bodies through my experience and story.

I became a nutrition coach in 2016 after my coach at the time (Jason Phillips) changed my life and helped me recover from some under eating and overtraining as an athlete. I’ve since then transitioned into the Director of Mentorship for Nutritional Coaching Institute and have the amazing opportunity to coach coaches in the nutrition space!

My husband and I own one of the first CrossFit gyms in Utah, Salt Lake City CrossFit, and we are passionate about helping others make health and fitness a priority in their lives at whatever level is possible.

I’m obsessed with my dogs, coffee, and love camping and being outside in the beautiful mountains!


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