On today’s episode I discussed the 6 biggest mistakes people make on their fitness journey.

I hate to see you fail when trying to improve your health and fitness!

So I decided to break down a few of the biggest mistakes I see when you start your fitness journey:

#1 Patience – You already know, I am serving you the most unsexy thing out there, PATIENCE. Lets count how many times a month I pound patience down your poor throats. LOL. You didn’t get in this mess over night, stop expecting to be out of it over night. Great things take time. You are worth the wait, trust me.

#2 Diet hop –  Hopping around form diet to diet. Never being just consistent with one thing long enough. Its a serious problem.

#3 Sleep – It is the most underrated element of a transformation. It is neglected and wreaks havoc on your results. Your efforts are literally cut in half in my opinion if you are also constantly sleep deprived. MAKE IT A PRIORITY.

#4 Believing every article you read – Most of which are written with an agenda anyways, is the main reason you diet hop. Stop buying into this bullshit propaganda. Unless it’s an actual research study, I would not put much stock into these articles. Yes, they can have some merit, but there is also a motive behind it. Stop believing everything you read and changing your training or diet on the basis of a Oxygen magazine article.

#5 Taking weekends off – You are so on point Monday – Friday, then the weekend hits and it’s a free for all. You get to have some fun and practice balance, but eating and drinking like an asshole is far from balance. It’s a delusional thought pattern so many get trapped in. Discipline and consistency is a 365 day a year deal. Stop ruining your hard work to “let loose” on weekends.

#6 Complaining – You complain like this is a prison sentence. News flash, you GET to take control of you health. Stop complaining and get grateful. Shift your perspective and you shift your world.

If you resonate with one of more of these, work to rain it in with being very intentional about it.


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