On this week’s episode of The Coaches Spotlight, we had our amazing coach Robyn Peck join us.


Robyn’s Bio

I am a mom to two incredible girls and have a passion for life and the outdoors. I love to travel and believe in moving more and exercising less. Eleven short years ago I made a choice to take hold of my health and fitness. I wanted more for myself, knew that I needed to take accountability and control of my body, but ultimately wanted the energy to live the life I now love. Health and fitness were the only things that I had 100 percent control over and knew if I put my mind to it, I would feel better mentally and physically – and I was so right! I stuck with the process and not only achieved my goals but found my passion and love for nutrition and fitness along the way. I soaked in every bit of knowledge I could find to support the whats, whys, and hows that were transforming my body, mind and heart. I carried on that passion and ultimately ended up getting certified to help others achieve their goals. It is an amazingly, wonderful, HARD journey, but with immeasurable rewards that go beyond yourself. You will inspire others around you to do the same, but ultimately you will feel your best.


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