Everywhere we look there’s a new diet or juice cleanse and people just aren’t able to keep up these diets. I’m going to give you some advice that is doable and can make a big difference in how you eat and how you feel when you eat it.

Push the Plate:

I know it sounds simple, but pushing away your plate when you’re full makes a big difference in your health or weight goal.

Yet, many of us miss this cue. Why? We’re living in a fast-paced world where eating becomes another task to check off our list. Our hurried lifestyles make us gulp down our food like it’s our last meal.

A real tip is just slowing down when you eat. Chew your food, enjoy every bite, and you realize you’re full long before you overeat.

Slowing down when you eat also lets your body function the way it’s supposed to. A hormone called Leptin tells your brain when you’re full, but it takes time to work its magic. By eating slowly, you’re allowing your body’s natural signals to work properly.

Now, some might think, “Alright, I’ll eat slower, but can I still have seconds?” Here’s the scoop: if you find yourself frequently reaching for another serving, there are two probable reasons. One, you might’ve skimped on your first portion. Two, and more likely, you ate too fast. Wait a little before getting seconds and your body will tell you what it really wants.

Take the Guilt Out of Treats:

Let’s talk about guilt, especially around those sugary delights. There’s this notion that enjoying a sweet treat makes us weak or undisciplined.

Newsflash: savoring a cupcake doesn’t make you “bad.” You ate that cupcake because it is delicious, that’s the whole point.

You don’t have to deny yourself the occasional treat to keep a good diet, but you need to listen to your body. There’s no point in wolfing down a cupcake in guilt when that’s not why you’re eating it in the first place. Enjoy in moderation and in the amount that fits your nutrition goals.

Listen to Yourself:

In an age of unending information, it can feel impossible to make a good choice about your nutrition. All you need to do is be self-aware.

General information is general while the information you get from your own body is a first-hand account. You can get real data on what is good for you by noticing how certain foods impact you. How do they make you feel, both mentally and physically? Listening to your body is the key to making lasting, healthy choices.

Let us know how it goes if you try out any of these tips in the comments!

Stay healthy!