You all asked, we listened! Trainer Lindsey back on the show for round 2! After holding the top spot on downloads for months, it was a clear you all loved her message. We felt honored to have her back on to share more of her story!

We dove into a continuation from episode #48. Since last episode, Lindsey started to finally lose weight after a year of weight gain. She talks openly and honestly about her current cortisol levels and some very unique protocols she has tried to get them down. She always finds the silver lining in every situation and it’s extremely admirable

We talked about her current recipe book, Simply Macros. So many amazing macro recipes in this book (link below). You all are going to love it!

If you want to be inspired by someone who walks the walk, make sure to stay tuned for this episode.


Referenced Links

Lindsey’s 12 Week Virtual Bootcamp

Lindsey’s Simply Macros Recipe Book


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