Want to know what grit, determination and perseverance looks like? Michelle was today’s guest instead of her regular co-host role.

She just completed #75 Hard, 2% of people actually make it to the end. For those not familiar with 75 Hard, it is 75 days straight of the following:

  • (2) 45 minute workouts – One has to be outside
  • 1 gallon of water
  • 10 pages of self development reading
  • Progress Picture Daily
  • No alcohol
  • Pick a nutrition plan, and stick to it 100%

If you skip a day on ANY of these things, you go back to day ONE. Let me remind you, estimated that only 2% make it all the way to the end.

So when she first informed me she was doing it, I thought it could be a good jump start on her fitness for her. That’s about as far as I went with that. It turns out, aesthetic results were just the icing on the cake for what she got out of this!

She fundamentally became a better human being. She began to deploy more empathy. She stopped taking things so personal. She began to build self esteem day-by-day, simply because she felt good about how she was showing up in life!

I’m not saying to do 75 Hard, what I’m saying is find something that will challenge you physically, mentally and spiritually and GO FOR IT! When it seems dark, just keep going. The lessons along the way are invaluable.

This fitness thing is so much bigger than your looks. It teaches you discipline, grit, determination, and tenacity. This whole thing showed Michelle she CAN indeed do SUPER hard shit. She is capable of putting her mind to a task that seems impossible, and make it out on the other end the winner she truly is.

This was a non-negotiable to her. She was set on finishing this. So she did simply that, she finished it.

Get ready to be crazy motivated!


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