I was super excited to get into this episode With Jordan Lips because initially I thought we were going to have a friendly debate about some things. Turns out, I ended up agreeing with almost everything he said in regard to reverse dieting. His take sent some shock waves into the fitness community at first, but he makes a lot of sense in his points. We explored what is reverse dieting, does it work, and do normal every day health enthusiast need to worry about metabolism. Enjoy the show!

More about Jordan:

I wasn’t supposed to be a coach…
I was all prepped and ready to head to law school after college to that whole “get a real job” thing but I decided to take a year off to do something I really loved.
Little did I realize that “something” would change the course of my future for the next decade+.
And truthfully…I sucked at first. I sold pre-made meal plans with way too few calories, I had people tracking calories burned, I subscribed to “cheat meals”….I thought I knew it all. I’ve made mistakes. I’ve fucked up. I’ve been there.
But all of those mistakes have made me the coach I am today.



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