So many have asked me “What is a reverse diet?”, that doing a full episode on it felt long overdue.


What is a reverse diet then?

“To reverse diet is to slowly add calories at the end of a diet, usually with the primary purpose of maintaining you new physique and not gaining much body fat.”

It can be a confusing topic that has become problematic from so many people getting scared to do it after a diet, because they “don’t know how to do.”

We wanted to take a seemingly complex topic and break it down into extremely easily and digestible information for you all.

The purpose of this podcast was to provide tips and tricks on how to make your diet, after the diet, a seamless transition!

The first 10 minutes were spent talking about my one and only MRI story. I’ll just say this, be prepared for a good laugh and a ride down memory lane with yours truly. LOL


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