On this week’s additional episode we had no other than my personal nutrition coach and good friend, Cody McBroom.

We discussed Cody taking me through the last year of coaching and how we prepped for my photoshoot in September. He was so meticulous with me which, as a coach, I really appreciated. We took you step-by-step through my process with him. The topic of patience came up a lot and is message so many need to hear, including myself. Cody is known for his top trending podcast, The Boom Boom Performance podcast. We are huge supporters of his podcast because he dives into such detail on particular topics.

Cody dropped some BIG news on the podcast about the rebranded of his company. From Boom Boom Performance to Tailored Coaching Method. This is now known information, but such an amazing pivot and transition for Cody. We could not be anymore thrilled for him!



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