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Trisha Jensen

Nutrition Coach


  • Coaching Since 2017

  • Precision Nutrition Certification

  • PN1

  • LCS Scholars

  • MBI Life Coaching

  • NCI – Level 1

  • NCI – Level 2

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Life Coaching
Flexible Eating for Families
Creative Accountability

Trisha’s Bio

My passion for exercise and nutrition has been a part of me since I was 16 years old. I fell in love with group fitness and hiking with friends.
After my daughter was born, I felt the call to become a coach. I certified with Precision Nutrition and NCI before getting my first coaching job with Key Nutrition!

The more I coached, the more I saw how the brain and gut affect each other. After suffering from anxiety most of my life, I became obsessed with the relationship between the brain and nutrition. Nutrition directly affects your body’s natural dopamine and serotonin…likewise the brain has intense power over your desire for food and emotional eating. So understanding both is key to long term success in your health and wellness.

I studied with the Life Coach School Scholars for 7 months and am certified, November 2020, with MBI WayFinders Life Coaching School. Learning how to navigate this life with purpose and intention…it has been life changing for me and my clients!

I specialize in weight loss and life coaching for women, families and couples. Helping you with macros, mindset, emotional eating….navigating all life’s challenges.
I’m a wife, mama, hiker, sun seeker, sugar addict, mixed faith, certified life coach and nutritionist.

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