Operations Manager | Michelle Raines

Operations Manager | Michelle Raines2020-03-11T11:33:00-06:00

Michelle Raines

Operations Manager

About Michelle

  • Podcast Co-Host

  • Favorite color is plaid

  • Loves long walks in the rain

  • Loves everyone and everyone loves her.


Client Relationships

Michelle’s Bio

I have a strong passion for the fitness industry. I love watching people I cross paths with build better lives for themselves. Three years ago I made a change towards a healthier, happier lifestyle that allows me to live the life I always envisioned. Being a mom to two children and a wife to an amazing husband is by far my greatest accomplishments. I strive each day to better myself physically, mentally, and spiritually for my family and myself. Living a healthy lifestyle affords me the energy to live my best life.

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