Why has mental health become a subject of taboo? We suppress our feelings to the point of insanity. We are scared to ask for help, we feel helpless and alone. However, you are not alone, everyone struggles with mental health in their own way and there are steps you can take for help! We had coach Auri on the show today and she got raw and real about her current life struggles. At a glance you would think Auri has the perfect life, you may even envy her. However, behind the scenes Auri is far from perfect, struggling with the same issues as everyone else. Does this change the fact that she is an amazing person? Absolutely not! Since Auri was a child she has struggle with self esteem mainly stemming from her troubles with a poor body image. Auri has kept this all in until today, when she decided to quit suppressing her feelings and let them out. Which after the podcast she said was a huge relief. Sometimes we need to sacrifice our pride and let out or feelings. You will be surprised how much support you may receive from those around you. Tune in and learn how Auri, Justin and Brad cope with their daily struggles. Also note that just because they are coaches, does not mean they do not struggle with the same issues and self doubt as you and I. No one is perfect and everyone is worthy of happiness. Enjoy!