On today’s episode, I was joined by Amy Fairchild. Amy owns and operates The Encourage Project where she helps other human beings work on the greatest project there is, yourself. This interview was not only uplifting but incredibly insightful and motivational. At the end of the day, we all need to remember to be kind; it goes a long way.


Amy’s Bio – 


I’m a Human Project Specialist and founder of The Encourage Project. I am a speaker, writer, strategist and creator. I am an encourager.

I create a connection between what people envision and how they make it happen – through what I call “human projects.” My gift is seeing and celebrating the shine in each person. I simplify the complex, and I encourage people to step into their greatness.

Human projects can be messy and challenging. I’m here to make sense of the mess and to remind you that your dreams are worth the challenge.



Podcast: The encourage Project


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