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About Trace

Coming from a background with both parents having competed in local and national
level Bodybuilding and Women’s Fitness shows, it’s fair to say the fitness industry sucked me in
early. At 11 years old, instead of getting toys, clothes, or video games for Christmas, I was given my first gym membership. It was then I was bitten by the fitness bug and it hasn’t let go since.

With 5 years of lifting experience under my belt by the age of 16, I decided it was time to up my
game and start learning more about proper nutrition.

After having tried several other nutrition coaching platforms and coming away with less
than ideal results, I finally found Key. It was through the specialized and personal approach
offered here at Key that I was able to finally fuel my body to the best of my ability. This led to the
two best football seasons of my life, countless PR’s in the gym, as well as a loss of over 80
pounds of bodyweight. During this time, I sparked an interest in helping others the way I had been helped, and started thinking about possibly becoming a nutrition coach myself.
With the help of my coach, I got enrolled in the Nutritional Coaching Institute, otherwise
known as NCI, and completed my coaching certification.

After my certification was complete, my coach and I began one on one mentoring sessions to further expand my understanding of what it
takes, and what it means to be a nutrition coach here at Key. In combination, these things have
fully prepared me to take on a wide array of clients with a wide array of goals.

Whether you’re striving for fat loss, muscle gain, or even athletic performance, let me help you become the best
version of yourself!

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