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Michelle Raines

Online Nutrition Coach

About Michelle

I found my love for this healthy lifestyle that I live after I had my second child in September of 2011. I was down about my “Mom Bod” and was so sick of dieting at this point since I had tried every diet out there. I desired to have a body that I was comfortable in. One that I could be the mom at the pool with a swimsuit on. One that could show my kids that being healthy doesn’t mean starving yourself. I decided to hire myself a nutrition coach and get moving on this journey to a healthier me! It didn’t happen overnight. But what I noticed was, little by little I started to learn a little bit more about food and nutrition and how it fuels your body. How it makes you feel. How it makes you act when you are fueling your body in a way it desires. I was able to stop looking at foods as good or bad when I found the tool of tracking macros to hit my calories. I was able to start living. Start enjoying my vacations. Eating at BBQ’s. Having a smore while camping. When I realized how to do this forever, that’s when I knew I wanted to teach others how to do so as well! It doesn’t have to be complicated! It doesn’t have to suck! It just takes patience and consistency to always be willing to do 1% better each day!

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