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My journey into fitness and health really began once I started cross country in 7th grade after having showed horses for almost 10 years. From that it blossomed into joining the swim team, track, competitive dance, and cheerleading. Eventually I found CrossFit my junior year which was when fitness and health truly became my life, CrossFit led me to find my real love and passion in bodybuilding!
While I do focus heavily on aesthetics in my sport I fully understand there’s so much MORE to health and fitness than simply looking good. I’ve struggled for a long time with self confidence and self esteem and I was able to drastically improve both thanks to bodybuilding and fitness.

Taking charge of your health and well being can and will change your life and I want to help people thrive and be the best versions of themselves. Whether that’s to step on a stage or just to feel confident in your own skin I’m your girl!

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